true mera peak: Our Story


Avalanches. High altitudes. Ferocious weather and sub-zero temperatures.
This is the playground of adventure-seekers who live to test the limits and incite close encounters with wild nature.

Known for its isolated glaciers and formidable high mountain passes, Mera Peak is the birthplace of legends, the likes of which include Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, Eric Shipton and George Lowe.

While most people climb the 6,461 m Mera Central, the true summit, Mera North, lies just a stone’s throw away at 6,476 m and is hardly ever climbed.

Mera Peak is perhaps the best known because it is Nepal’s highest trekking peak, with the Mera North summit at 6,476 m, being the highest of the 3 Mera Peaks, also known as the True Mera Peak. 

With unrestricted views of the Himalayas and five 8,000 m peaks that include Everest, the first to reach the true summit were the Frenchmen Marcel Jolly, G Baus and L Honills in 1975.

But then, these are other heroes’ stories. What is your legend?
Legends. Tell them or live them.

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